My History.

My name do be Pelucchi, that do be Italian for Blanket Fluff, pronounced Pelookey not chee!

 I did be born in Bracknell and moved to Maidenhead when I was 10 weeks old. I turned 10 years young at the end of August 2020.

 In July 2016 I did haves a dream and my dream did be to be a firefighter, the cutest firefighter on three paws!

 I do be a tripawd Yorkie but please don’t feels sorry for me. My poorly paw was badly formed, it did cause me lots of pain and was of no use to me unless the PA did ask me to give her my paw! When I did be 6 months old my Vet amputated my front left leg.

After a few weeks of recovery I did be a changed boy, the world did be my oyster so to bark!

I has completed 2 Maidenhead Boundary walks for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, put my manliness aside and strutted my stuff in pink on a 5km Race for Life and I has walked many other charity walks on my 3 paws! I do still loves visiting my Vet and always get lots of cuddles from my nurses!

 I have posed in the buff for Dogs Today Magazine, gracing the front cover for all to see across the country. I has my own social media accounts and I tries my bestest to makes peoples smile.

In July 2016 I did gets my very own Firefighter’s Uniform as I loves playing wiv the hosepipe in the garden. I did send a photo to my local Fire Station of Maidenhead and to the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service to ask if they did haves any jobs availables for a strapping young firefighter likes me. Well to my surprise they did and I was invited to the station for an interview followed by some firefighter assessments. I passed thems all wiv flying colours … obviously!

My career as the Barkshire Firefighter began …

                                                                     I may be a little dog wiv a dream, ambition and drive! I may be small and only have 3 paws but this don'ts hold me back.

In July 2016, after contactings my local Fire Station wivin Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service I did begins my role as the Barkshire Firefighter. One fing did lead to anuver and wiv a little helps from some friends I did puts togever my first “The Barkshire Firefighter”  Calendar 2017.  I did sold just over 200 calendars and did raise £2610 to supplys the whole of Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service with Pet Oxygen Masks from Smokey Paws.

I wouldn’ts have been ables to do this wivouts the supports of my friends, Julie my photographer from Julie Robertson Pet Photography, Ben from Thames Valley Printers, my Vet Dr Simon Ratcliffe from Kelperland Veterinary Centre , Claire from Claire's Comfy Canines,  Chris from Alpha Boiler Expert,  Jen Harrison Veterinary Acupuncture,  Level 1 Animal Management Students from Berkshire College of Agriculture and of course the help from Maidenhead Fire Station and the supports of the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service. The photographs did be taken at Maidenhead Fire Station and Greenham Common, Newbury. The fire themed bandanas did be all made by Izzy and Finn's Hound Boutique.

I has helped out wiv two videos put together by Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service. One did be a mannequin challenge to promote Retained Firefighter Recruitment and the other did be a music video “Stop, Drop and Roll” I often pops along to the charity Car Wash days to lend a paw and supports my friends in their fundraising efforts for The Firefighter’s Charity and other worthy causes.

I do my bestest to help spread the words on Fire Safety in and arounds the homes and work places, remindings peoples to take care whilst cookings. My posts each Tuesday do reminds my friends to be testings their smokes alarms and carbon monoxide alarms promoting “Test it Tuesday” Fire Safety initiative. I do also helps spread the words about "Water Safety Wednesday" with my posts and keeps an eye out for special awareness weeks like "Chimney Fire Safety Week" and "Boat Fire Safety Week." 

 In May 2017 I did be invited to see my friends at Maidenhead Fire Station and did be awarded Maidenhead Fire Station Gold Ambassador Certificate in recognition and admiration of the fantastic service I did provides in supportings the people of Maidenhead and Royal Berkshire to lead safes and fulfilling lives. I did be so surprised to receive my certificate.

In September 2017 I had the singular honours of being invited to a really special celebration. I did be asked to attends the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service Awards Ceremony. There did be so many impawtant peoples being recognised for their achievements throughout the year. I did feel very humbled beings amongst so many brave, courageous people riskings their lives on a daily basis. It did be amazing. At the end of the celebration I did be given a Certificate of Special Recognition signed by the Chief Fire Officer, Trevor Ferguson of Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

I has taken part in my 3rd Maidenhead Boundary Walk, raising some pennies for The Firefighter’s Charity. I has visited Fire Stations all over the country when I has been on holidays and I has finally met some very special four legged friends who helps the firefighters discover the cause of fires.

Since gettings to knows my friends even more I did decide to put togevers another Calendar … Barkshire Firefighter in Training 2018.

Havings spent the last year learnings what it do takes to be a Firefighter and all the trainings that theys do day to day I wanted to highlights some parts of the job.

The funds raised from my Barkshire Firefighter in Training 2018 Calendar did go to supply Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service wiv a CPR Dog Mannequin to assist their Canine First Aid Training. The remainings proceeds did go towards supplying the rest of the Thames Valley including Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service; Buckinghamshire; Milton Keynes Fire & Rescue Service and Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service with Pet Oxygen Masks from Smokey Paws wiv priority goings to Fire Stations located near Rescue Centres. I sold just over 200 calendars raising over £2500.

Once again I couldn’t haves put the calendar togever wivouts the help and supports of my friends. My super talented Photographer Julie from Julie Robertson Pet Photography, Ben from Thames Valley Printers. Print fundings for my calendar did comes from an anonymous donor, my good friend Clare from Tinkerwolf Trinkets. The Little Cottage Cleaners and South West Care Homes.

A special fanks to all my good friends at Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service for their continued supportings and time especially Maidenhead, Bracknell & Slough Fire Stations for offerings their time for Calendar photographs. I haves also made some new friends across the border into Surrey. Fank yous to the Surrey Fire Dogs especially Miss Tilly & Miss Lottie for joining me in my calendar and also to the crew at Walton on Thames for their helps.

Fank yous to Ruffwear UK for sending me my LifeVest to keep me safes during my Water Rescue Training.

2018 did be a busy year for me and my three paws.

I has continued to work on promoting fire safety messages such as "Test it Tuesday" each week and supported other fire safety weeks.

I has helped promote water safety messages especially wiv the warm summer we did haves and so many peoples entering water to cool off. I did writes an article for Dogs Monthly Magazine on Water Safety for dog owners.

I has been over to Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire to make new friends and the PA did gets to meet Reqs and the late CC, two fire investigations dogs that works for Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service.

In June 2018 I did make some new friends within the RNLI to helps me with promoting impawtant water safety messages.

In July 2018 I did join a group of special friends for a little walkies up a little hill called Scafell Pike to raise funds for Emergency Throwline Boards. I also spent a few days working alongside Firefighters of Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service.

I did taks part in my 4th Maidenhead Boundary Walk to help raise funds for the printing of my third calendar Barkshire Firefighter on Tour, raising funds for The Firefighter’s Charity.

I did teams up wiv Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service to produce the "Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service Featuring Mr Pelucchi" 2019 Calendar. We did sells quite a few but the numbers do be foggy though I did manage to raise £1400 through the sale of this calendar for The Firefighters Charity.

Once again I must give my fanks to lots of peoples for allowing me to makes this calendar possibles. A massive fank yous once again to South West Care Homes, The Dog Nose in Swindon and a number of my very goods friends and followers for helping me raise the funds to cover the printing costs for Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service to create this calendar. Fank yous to my Heroes of Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service and of course Mr Chris Lowther the Chief Fire Officer for Tyne & Wear for allowings me to work wiv his Firefighters. Fank yous to Miss Sam for takings my photographs and makings this calendar pawsible.


2019 did be a different year for me as the PA did decide to takes a steps back from helpings me  wivs anuver charity calendar.

I did still continues my social media postings and kept peoples up to dates wiv impawtant safety advice especially arounds the water.

Durings my lookings at all fings Fire Service I did comes across the National Emergency Services Museum based in Sheffield. As I do be a regular visitor up norff I did contacts them to see if there did be any pawsibilities of a visitings on my ways up norff. They did agrees and I had a super Very Impawtant Pup Tour of the Museum. I did gets to see a little more into the other Emergency Services and their impawtant workings.

In October of 2019 I did recieve an invitation to the Big Smokes of London for another VIP tour but this times of RNLI Tower Lifeboats Station. It do be a good jobs I had my sea dog legs as the Lifeboat Station do be on the River Thames and do wobbles quite a bit! I did enjoy my tour of the Station and did learns lots from my new friends. I did even be the first visitor to set paw on the new Lifeboat, what an honour!


As we did near the ends of the year lots of my friends did asks abouts a 2020 calendar which I did make the Utter Uselessnes PA feels very guilty abouts as it did be her decisions not to creates one. We did gets to finkings on what we could do for 2021 and startings early would means we had plenty of times to get fings sorted.

Well as yous knows 2020 did haves other ideas for everypawdy and I didnt gets to go on any visitings or trainings wiv my friends. The Utter Uselessness PA made me cleans the house top to bottoms as there was nofinks else to be doings under the restrictions of Lockdown. 

In early March we did makes contact wiv Our Blue Light Charity, they do  be supportings of the Mental Health and Well Beings of all Emergency Service Pawsonnel,  Essential Workers and their Families. They did agrees to work wiv us on a 2021 calendar and photograph ideas did be shared enthusiastically.

As fings did gets tricky durings the Lockdowns I did decide to sign the  Utter Uselessness PA to complete the Virtual Yorkshire 3 Peaks to raise some pennies for Our Blue Light Charity. I did be a very supportive coach at the bottom of the stairs as she  did climbs the 769 flights of stair cases.

As the year did wears on determination did kick in to put together our 2021 calendar. Our Emergency Service Pawsonnel, Essential Workers and their Families has had to contend with so very much. I did approach the National Emergency Services Museum wiv a pawpostition to see if they did be willings to collaborate wiv us and Our Blue Light Charity as they did have to close throughout this unprecedented period. The Museum did agrees and opened their doors for us to be spending a couple of days to take our photographs.  I did woofs to Miss Sandie from Sandie Powner Photography to see if she did be willings to helps me supports my two chosen Charities and of course Our Emergency Services. I did manage to secure some of my friends from social media to join us as models and be representing their Services.  We did also invites Mr Pete Lewin and his Newfoundlands alongs wiv Mr Andy Elwood who both do work closely wiv Our Blue Light Charity in supportings our Emergency Services. We did manage to attend RNLI Scarborough Lifeboat Station, meets wiv a Volunteer from Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Search and Rescue and join York Rescue Boat for some training on the river in York. 

After our visitings to the Museum we did arrange a trip to Leistershire to completes the final photographs, we did wants to see Mr Pete's Newfoundlands in the water and we did also meet a Volunteer from Leicestershire Lowland Search and Rescue

Wivs our photographs now completes it was times to find some special fundings in this very tricky year for everypawdy. My wonderful friends at South West Care Homes did once again step foward to offer their supports, my friends at Reach and Rescue Ltd did also step foward to helps alongside MedTree and Ianthe Galleria.

Our Calendar printings have been done by McRay Press and packaging have been supported by Milton Pro-Tect. 


I do hopes my 2021 Calendar do sees yous through the year wiv a little smile as I do Lends a Paw to Our Emergency Services.

                                                                                                       Fank yous for supportings.